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RE: [Amps] Alpha 87A troubles with fault 17

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Subject: RE: [Amps] Alpha 87A troubles with fault 17
From: "Conrad G0RUZ" <>
Date: Sun, 25 Jan 2004 01:42:53 -0000
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I think that you are correct regarding the FT990 here Steve, I had some
problems with this tripping the grid protection on a 4CX1000A amp that I had
at the time. I'm pretty sure that Ian G3SEK did some 'proper' tests. The
output IMD also degraded quite rapidly as the power control was backed off.


Conrad G0RUZ

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John wrote:
> The Kenwood ALC circuit is very similar the 930 , 940 , 950 ,
> 850 ,870 ......They ALL have overshoot on the leading edge big time
> ......The Yaesu 1000MP series and FT-990 do not ..
I'm fairly sure that the FT990 I used to have did overshoot. As I recall, it
did it big time if you turned the output power down.


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