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[Amps] vhf supression in 6 meter amps

Subject: [Amps] vhf supression in 6 meter amps
From: George <>
Date: Mon, 15 Mar 2004 22:14:04 -0500
List-post: <>
I have an sb 1000 converted to six meters that is definitely oscillating
it still uses the 3-500z but after reading Rick Measures web site I see now 
that the 
anode supressor that was built was not going to supress much. It was an inch 
1 turn copper coil and 10 watt 37.5 ohm resistor network consisting of 2 75ohm  
resistors, one inside the coil and one outside the coil. When the amp went into 
oscillation (i think partially due to a combination of an bad zener diode and 
me playing with the input pi network tuning cap) it blew the outer resistor 
the inner was spared. 
I now want to try to get this amp to be stable but all the reference material I 
see on the net or in the ARRL HB deals primarily with 3-500z tubes in HF amps,  
not on 6 meters. I know I  had other problems ( maybe a dead tube or the Zener) 
but I want to
at least give the tube a fighting chance.  Also is a good test bed for other 
including the henry amp that needs a similar upgrade. 
George NE2I

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