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Subject: [Amps] Re: insulation
Date: Fri, 26 Mar 2004 05:53:31 GMT
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Dear John, (and friends),

Tomorrow, an older gentleman who runs a small motor-rewinding business in East 
Rutherford is allowing me to come by the shop in the morning where he and I 
will fabricate a plate choke on round stock, capable of handling the four 
amperes at 4KV the new amplifier requires.

When approached, the shopowner was all too enthusiastic, saying how he did this 
sort of thing 50 years ago for amateur operators, but that
equipment builders were becoming a rare breed.

When telling him about the 1.25" Teflon round stock we'll be working with, he 
said to not worry if we screw it up because he has all sorts of insulating 
materials for coil forms left over from years ago.  He also said that he has 
stocks of coil-type wire in all sorts of gauges, and "special stuff with green 
insulation that has silver in it for real high voltage."

>From the last set of posts about superior insulating materials I will find out 
>what kind of items there are, make a list and post it herein.

Thank you all for an informative discussion, once again, and right at the time 
when it was most pertinent!

Hal Mandel
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