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Date: Fri, 26 Mar 2004 07:32:07 -0800 (PST)
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4KV @4 AMPS?? you looking to knock birds out of the air with that thing?
HI HI HI   Steven W4IIV

"R.Measures" <> wrote:

>Dear John, (and friends),
>Tomorrow, an older gentleman who runs a small motor-rewinding business in
>East Rutherford is allowing me to come by the shop in the morning where he
>and I will fabricate a plate choke on round stock, capable of handling the
>four amperes at 4KV the new amplifier requires.
>When approached, the shopowner was all too enthusiastic, saying how he did
>this sort of thing 50 years ago for amateur operators, but that
>equipment builders were becoming a rare breed.
>When telling him about the 1.25" Teflon round stock we'll be working with,
>he said to not worry if we screw it up because he has all sorts of
>insulating materials for coil forms left over from years ago. He also
>said that he has stocks of coil-type wire in all sorts of gauges, and
>"special stuff with green insulation that has silver in it for real high

? Cu wire with green insulation is not nearly as RF-tolerant as modern
Type-WL high-temp, silicone-varnish wire that is now in use for rewinding
electric motors.
>>From the last set of posts about superior insulating materials I will find
>>what kind of items there are, make a list and post it herein.
>Thank you all for an informative discussion, once again, and right at the
>time when it was most pertinent!
>Hal Mandel
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