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Date: Wed, 31 Mar 2004 13:33:54 +0200
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You can buy 8122 from Burle, that is the tube division
of the formerly RCA company.
The 8122 is not so cheap, it comes at $415 each for European customers.

The 8122 is a nice little tube, that with 2.5kV on the anode will give at
least 570W each.
I have used 8122 in a 50MHz amp and are very impressed with the performance.
Have 500w with 2.2kV at onset of grid current.
400Vg2. Ia=360mA. Using cathode resistor, linearity is as specified. The IMP
plot is sligthly better that documented for a pair of 4cx250 @ 500w 144MHz
(G3SEK website). My amp is using a New Old Stock RCA 8122 dated week 26 1974
(30 years old). Running at the 100w level, that is limit in Norway,
linearity is very good.

I am not shure conversion to Svetlana 4CX400a will improve your NCL-2000.
The price is much lower, but performance will not be improved in my opinion.

73 de LA6MV


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Subject: [Amps] WTB : RCA 8122


  I would like to Buy 2 RCA 8122 for my NCL-2000,
thanks for proposal via mail to :

 f4ckv @

  remove space

73 de Pierre F4CKV


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