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Re: [Amps] Zero Crossing circuit

Subject: Re: [Amps] Zero Crossing circuit
From: R.Measures <>
Date: Thu, 18 Nov 2004 08:08:20 -0800
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On Nov 18, 2004, at 7:47 AM, Bill Turner wrote:

On Wed, 17 Nov 2004 16:19:47 -0600, Phil Clements wrote:

Zero crossing circuits (solid-state relays) are far too fast acting
for use as a soft-start device, Ed.

A properly designed soft-start circuit has a delay equal to the time
it takes the H.V. meter to reach 2/3 of the way to its normal reading.


I must disagree.  My Command HF-2500 uses zero-crossing solid state
devices to turn on and they work perfectly.  There is no thump, no
noise, and the turn-on is smooth as silk.  Other than those devices,
there is no soft-start circuit of any kind.

Translation -- The transformer has so much winding resistance that it does not need a step-start R.

-- Bill W6WRT

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