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RE : RE : [Amps] Zero Crossing circuit

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Subject: RE : RE : [Amps] Zero Crossing circuit
From: "hermans" <>
Date: Fri, 19 Nov 2004 23:52:42 +0200
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Hoy Jeff,

Normally OK no snubber required.
Quite a few years back I Used some of the PS1201 switches from Clare.
I remembered not very well but after a research on google I found back
these double src AC switches. Seems snubber circuits may be required at
low power factors indeed. I used them in lighting systems and there were
some rc circuits in par. when electronic ballast  where in use.
Just curious what the results will be when used to switch on and off the
motor and break relay of my new (old) Yeasu G2000RC.
A few IC's and or transistors to make the system ready to receive
command from N1MMLogger ......Wait and see.

Jos on4kj 

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Why you you need a snubber circuit related to a zero voltage switch. 
they switch on and off at zero snubber required.

jeff, wa1hco

hermans wrote:

>I still have a few hundreds of low power ( Clare PS1201 ) and a few
>RC4425-D12 ( 440v~ 25 Amps  4-32V DC )Projected to use the LP PS1201 )
>as AC switches in my Yeasu G-2000RC  command box as I have to repair it
>anyway. The big ones should be used on a Amp HV PS .......reading all
>this comments, I just wonder if it?s a good idea......It just bothers
>that no one talked about snubber circuits!
>Just a few hours back from Hospital and a surgery I can't concentrate,
>but there is some stuff when I do a google on snubber.
>Unfortunately I can only listen with one ear.... 
>What say gentlement? 
>Jos on47kj

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