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[Amps] Alpha 86 Prob

Subject: [Amps] Alpha 86 Prob
Date: Mon, 6 Jun 2005 22:56:10 EDT
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Vic, K2VCO wrote
I had an 86 for several years (just sold it).  There was NEVER any  
problem with the PIN diodes, no blown fuses, and I always operate QSK  
CW.  Same for the guy that had it before me.  I understand that  early 
models had a problematic board that was later updated.  So later  ones or 
ones in which the board was replaced did not have this  trouble.
Mine had the updated board AND the newest, highest rated pin diodes,   
According to Alpha, it had the newest and best of everything.  It still  
blew fuses.  Alpha Tech Support was very clear that some blew  fuses, others 
didn't, and they didn't know why.  
Buyer Beware!

Sam, AA3VD
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