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Re: [Amps] Alpha 86 Prob

Subject: Re: [Amps] Alpha 86 Prob
Date: Tue, 7 Jun 2005 00:28:37 EDT
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Vic. K2VCO wrote
I wonder if it has to do with exciters which tend to produce power  
spikes at the beginning of CW characters or syllables.  That would  
explain why some have the problem and some don't.

I used two different transceivers--Icom 746 and 756Pro, No  difference,  More 
significantly, I NEVER used the amp on CW, so I don't  think spikes are the 
issue.  I also checked line voltage and set the  transformer jumpers 
What I found to be really strange was that I could operate normally,  shut 
off the amp, and then find that the next time I powered up, the receive was  
dead and the fuse blown. My whole station is well grounded (the shack  is at 
ground (no pun intended) level, and grounded to two 8-foot copper rods via  
runs (straight thru the wall) of 1/2 inch copper braid) so I don't  think 
there could be any sort of static charge developing.
Except for this problem, it was a fine amp--required low drive for full  
legal limit, tuned smoothly and reproducibly on all HF bands (except never used 
it on 30 or 160), and looked good. A TV in the shack (about 60 feet 
horizontally  from the tower) NEVER showed any video/audio effects.  But to me, 
it's  a 
fatal flaw!
Sam, AA3VD

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