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[Amps] HF splitting and combining

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Subject: [Amps] HF splitting and combining
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Date: Thu, 15 Mar 2007 13:26:58 +0000
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Ok I have seen splitters and combiners in many amplifiers consisting of a 
torrid wrapped about 7 times and a capacitor in the input.
I have not been ample to find any documentation/formula for this style of 
combiner.  I have however seen alot on the wilkinson splitter/combiner.  Is the 
first a version of the latter?
I thought maybe it was a lumped component version possibly.
I have also been seen an amplifier with the hybrid style transformer sold by 
Comunication Concepts and described/designed by Helge Granberg in a few of his 
motorola apps.  The only twist to these are that there is no step-up/step-down 
transformer to get 50 Ohm.  Are they do you think they are uping the the 
impedance ratio on the input and output transformers on the push-pull amplifier 
sections?  An example of this would be the metron 1000B.  
Any thoughts, opinions, reading material you can suggest?
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