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[Amps] Acom 1000 display?

Subject: [Amps] Acom 1000 display?
Date: Fri, 16 May 2008 10:16:15 -0300
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I have a problem with the display on my 1000....when sending rtty on 20m 
today, I glanced at the display and it had turned into gibberish....I 
recycled the OPER button and even turned the amp off then back on to no 
This is typical of what I see: when Drive RF power is selected, I see, 
(_rive 'RF' power '''' pW) when Antenna VSWR is selected, I get (_ntenna 
'VSWR ''' mmmmm) it seems that the numbers have been replaced with letters.
When Output Power is selected, I see (_utput'Power''''''pW)...when I key 
the amp it initially displays EEEEEEEEEEEEEE but I still get 500w 
output...I turned off the amp from the front panel and back panel, 
waited a minute then turned everything back I have NO display 
at all although I can change the brightness and contrast...nothing, no 
numbers, no letters...but amp still keys and I see power out in the 
external tuner/wattmeter. Anybody else ever have this issue with an ACOM?
Any ideas or suggestions?
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