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Subject: [Amps] ALPHA DOA...
Date: Thu, 05 Jun 2008 07:31:36 -0300
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A MAJOR factor in my next amp purchase is whether it is SS or not. I 
have had an Acom 1000 for 4 years now and really like it for it's quiet 
operation and ability to cover 6m. Major issue is any repairs have to be 
done by factory rep.
One day the amp was sitting at idle on 20m when a very loud "SNAP-POP" 
happened. I tried a reset and it happened again. I then did the 
procedure for the error codes and dutifully copied down all the 
parameters. Call Acom and they said, "sorry, unable to tell by those 
codes, must send it in". Well, that's a huge expense from Uruguay. Even 
with my airline discount, the Pelican w/Acom 1000, weighs in at 71# so 
it triggers $100 fee. So it gets to MIA and then Fedex (again airline 
discount) up to MA then Fedex ground return + $$$ for repair then on the 
jet at another $100 back to CX land. So it's around $300-400 to get it 
Luckily, I have Pedro, CX5BW who is a very good technician and knows 
amps. We take the Acom apart and discover after taking out the filter 
cap boards that one of the caps shorted against the bottom of the case. 
We manage to repair with tape and fiberglass washer and I am 'good to 
go' again. Only cost me a bottle of single malt...
Then, last week, using the same config for over 2 months....Acom feeding 
a vertical dipole...the display goes berserk and  displays 
gibberish...amp still works fine and  I rely on previous settings and  
Digital wattmeter to tune.  A call to Acom once again sez, sorry, must 
send it in. So  think I  will ever buy SS or fancy amp  again?  Naw,  
just give me  a great tube amp w/o  the microprocessors, thank you.
P.S. Have 30L-1 since 1987. Replaced all fil caps and rf parasitic 
suppressors about 1 year ago and installed keying mod so can run 
directly from K2, etc. GREAT amp...600-700 w...will never sell it.
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