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[Amps] house cleaning AMP parts for sale

Subject: [Amps] house cleaning AMP parts for sale
Date: Fri, 06 Feb 2009 17:57:37 -0800
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I have a very complete set of parts for a single or dual GS35 amplifier 
which need a new home. 

4kV Power supply including HV rectifier and metering PCB built and 
tested & Power transformer, high quality C core unit
Power input socket for 230VAC, EMI/RFI line filter, HD 2 pole contactors 
w/ 24V coils, SSRs for inrush control
Amplifier control board, built and tested
Power transformers for 24V bias and control
HV plate and tuning vacuum variable caps
HV bypass capacitors
HV tank switching vacuum relays
2 large ceramic for high power tank coils (tapped)
Plate choke, built and characterized for SRF peaks
2 GS35b tubes with custom machined aluminum mounts and hardware
2 stepper motors and a stepper motor driver intended for turning the 
capacitor shafts
Misc meters, connectors and bits and pieces

contact me off list for questions regarding this treasure trove.

Tomm Aldridge
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