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Re: [Amps] Any Henry experts on the list? REPOST

Subject: Re: [Amps] Any Henry experts on the list? REPOST
From: Roger <>
Date: Thu, 19 Feb 2009 14:41:42 -0500
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chas wrote:
> This frequency agile amp problem is not getting simpler that I can
> tell -  I know now that I really do NOT want a solid state amp because
> the FETs like to blow out unless they have really good protection
> circuits and in that case, they just like to load fault to the point
> that they will not operate.  but THEY ARE FREQUENCY AGILE!!!  
> I picked up the phone and called the local amp mfr ( in
> Tomball who builds SS amps for export only since his are not type
> accepted by the FCC.  but he is working on that.
> Point of the discussion boiled down to the fact that he felt that
> since I wanted a TUBE amp with SS freq agility, that I should find a
> "K" model Henry with VARIABLE COILS and FIXED CAPS.

IF you want a tube amp with the agility of SS there is really only the 
Alpha "auto tune"
The amps with roller inductors do have a bit of a learning curve when it 
comes to changing frequency and bands, but they will go almost anywhere.


Roger (K8RI)

> sounds to me like the amps used in embassies and Naval Ships, etc.
> in the days of the BWD dipole, etc.<G>
> MY WANTS for an infinite 160 to 10m HF by setting the coils or 
> bandswitch to the nearest band marking and then fine tuning???
> Please contact me off list since I am sure that most are not 
> interested in this discussion.  I figure that a recently used ~200lb 
> Henry, legal limit, on the used market, would not cost much, if any.. 
> more than a Tokyo HPower, Alpha, etc.
> thanks for reading this.. and any replies
> 73 de chas - k5dam, Houston, TX
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