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Subject: Re: [Amps] [Heathkit] The SB-220
From: Alek Petkovic <>
Date: Sun, 23 Aug 2009 08:59:34 +0800
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Good on you Lon. Well said.

My experiences are similar to your's. In every amplifier that I have 
installed Nichrome, whether commercially made or home brew, the 
change has been very noticeable.

I don't care who invented the idea or how it works. I don't care 
about others who say it doesn't work and that it is snake oil. I just 
know that I'll continue to use it and enthusiastically recommend it to others.

Whether it cures the cause or the symptoms, is totally irrelevant to 
me. The science and the maths are of no concern either.

I compare it to silicon sealer, self drilling screws, battery drills 
and the like. Life would be dreadful without them.

73, Alek

At 03:13 AM 23/08/2009, k5jv wrote:
>Greetings to all,
>         I usually do not comment on topics like this but could not resist
>this time.  I, also, have been repairing amps for about 40 years -- have
>probably worked on 100 SB-220's.  I think it is the best watt/dollar
>available in an amplifier today.  However, as it was originally designed, it
>is just an accident looking for a place to happen.
>         I use nichrome wire (nichrome ribbon in larger amps) in the anode
>suppressors, not because it is the best material, but because, as Richard
>Measures said nearly thirty years ago, it is relatively easy to work with,
>readily available, inexpensive, and does the job.  In all my years in
>working on amps, I have never had, even one, come back for service,  of
>parasitic related problems, after installing Measures parasitic suppressors.
>I personally think that input network changes are as helpful, or more, than
>the anode changes.
>         After parasitic suppression, I think the most important modification
>is the bias mod.  I do not know how many filament transformers I have
>replaced in SB-220's over the years, but it is safe to say that not one of
>them would have needed replacement if the bias mod had been done.  If you
>want to really  make a nice amp out of your SB-220, you might want to
>consider Richard's QSK mod.  It is relatively cheap, not too difficult to
>install, and really works.
>         Another great amp is the Kenwood TL-922.  Of course, it is nothing
>but a cleaned up SB-220, but, it is even more parasitic prone, due to
>placement of components in the final compartment, than the SB-220.  It,
>also, needs the bias mod and a soft start mod.  QSK makes this amp a
>pleasure to operate.
>         I have known Richard Measures for nearly forty years.  He is one of
>the real thinkers in the Amateur Radio field.  I do not agree with
>everything he says, but I have never, not even once, found him to be wrong
>wrong.  No one else has either.  Remember, they almost burned Galileo at the
>stake for saying that the world is round.
>73 de Lon, K5JV
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