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Re: [Amps] YU-158 still being made?

Subject: Re: [Amps] YU-158 still being made?
From: Pete Smith <>
Date: Fri, 15 Jul 2011 08:35:44 -0400
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The auction has been pulled.

73, Pete N4ZR

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On 7/14/2011 4:28 PM, Dr. David Kirkby wrote:
> On 07/13/11 10:21 PM, Roger (sub1) wrote:
>> On 7/13/2011 4:03 PM, Dr. David Kirkby wrote:
>>> On 07/13/11 07:39 PM, ED MCKIE wrote:
>>>>      I read something a few days ago about people putting CPI / Eimac 
>>>> silkscreen
>>>> on import tubes.
>>>> TNX, Ed
>>> Assuming you are talking about this auction
>>> it's possible the "1" looks bigger due distortion caused by the perspective
>>> and/or the use of a lens not suited to close up work. The anode appears to 
>>> be
>>> much deeper at the front than at the back.
>> There is definately distortion due to lens focal length and distance to
>> the subject, *but* if you look at the large "1" look at the sting of
>> characters starting above it. The H in Hazardous is directly above the
>> "1" and it is not distorted.  Also if the "1" were distorted due to the
>> focal lenght/distance the string of numbers should get larger as a
>> function of distance. IOW the 0 would only be slightly smaller and the 3
>> would be slightly smaller than the 0 with the difference rapidly
>> diminishing with distance. Also you do not see the same distortion with
>> the numbers under the Eimac Logo to the left.  If you look at the anode
>> size Vs distance that same change should apply to the lettering and
>> numbers.  The "1"  is the only thing out of character for size.
>> Would this indicate some one had made a change? I don't know, but I've
>> seen date codes with the first digit larger before.
>> 73
>> Roger (K8RI)
> To be honest if a company is capable of making an electron tube, with all
> engineering that needs, then creating an Eimac silk screen, I'm sure they 
> would
> be capable of getting all the letters the same size!
> In order of complexity.
> 1) Printing a string of numbers the same size - I can do that on my laser
> printer or my inkjet.
> 2) Printing those numbers in a color and style very similar to Eimacs on a 
> piece
> of metal that looks silver plated.
> 3) Making a collection of bits of metal look like an Eimac tube.
> If the information about ETO is correct, then this does look suspicious, but 
> I'd
> not worry about the date code.
> eBay is full of scams. You just have to accept that. There are some bargains 
> and
> some scams.
> Even if the tube is not a fake, there's a good chance it is stolen.
> Dave
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