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[Amps] Hunter 2000c Low Output.

Subject: [Amps] Hunter 2000c Low Output.
From: Charles Hedrick <>
Date: Sat, 16 Jul 2011 22:11:27 -0400
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HI All,
This has me puzzled.  HV is 2800 down from 3400 which is normal in this
small town this time of year.  I noticed yesterday that the power level was
fluctuating weirdly up and down. when tuning the amp into the dummy load.
So last night I installed new  3-500ZG's  and cooked them for 24 hours.  I
just tried the amp again and the power out is way down, the rig is seeing a
high SWR.  Bad Tubes....I just pulled a pair from the AL-82 and got the same
results.  I installed the new pair in the AL-82 and got 1300 key down with
65 watts drive.  The HV on the hunter doesn't fluctuate, and I'm .38 amp and
300 output with HV dropping to 2400 at key down.  The AL-82 is seeing the
same HV drop by the way, but handles it better, 85 watts drive is 1500 CW
with the new tubes.  Parasitic Suppressors bad?   Stumped here.
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