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Re: [Amps] New NXP BLF578XR 1200W LDMOS FET is "indestructible"

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Subject: Re: [Amps] New NXP BLF578XR 1200W LDMOS FET is "indestructible"
From: "Phil Clements" <>
Date: Fri, 22 Jul 2011 06:22:08 -0500
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Who will be the first to put a pair of these on the air covering 30-6 meters
@ legal-limit "brick-on-the-key" output?
Phil, K5PC

Subject: [Amps] New NXP BLF578XR 1200W LDMOS FET is "indestructible"


I thought I should mention that NXP have just announced a new version of the
BLF578 1200W 50V LDMOS FET called the BLF578XR (Extremely Rugged) which is
claimed to be "indestructible".

Video of BLF578XR being abused in NXP test lab here:

NXP website here:

Now 50MHz, 70MHz, 144MHz and 432MHz amplifiers should be in the reach of 
us hams with without the fear of destroying an expensive device, and 
perhaps LDMOS FETs can now be considered 'like tubes'...

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