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Subject: Re: [Amps] 15 uh chokes
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Alpha isnt MFJ and the parts are usually listed correct.

They are there to minimize any VHF harmonics from getting into the PS and 
other areas including the AC line.


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Subject: [Amps] 15 uh chokes

Hi all,

Alpha shows 15uh chokes in several places in the 78 and after the plate 
choke in the 76.

The choke in my 76 is about 1/4" dia and 3/8"long and has at most 30 turns. 
It appears to be a simple phenolic form and calc'ing it I don't see where it 
could be more than 3 uh. The 78 also has one in the relay closure sensing 
line. The parts list indicates 15uh at 1 amp.

It almost seems like they should be 1.5 uh at this physical size. Other 
Alpha schematics show 15 uh chokes too.

Any thoughts?

Rick, N6PE
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