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Subject: Re: [Amps] antennae for various TV signals
From: Gene May <>
Date: Tue, 10 Jul 2012 17:39:09 -0400
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Concerning this recent thread, I would like to add my comments and experience 
to the following:

> Roger,
>You are wasting bandwidth and time.  Don't you know that digital antennas have 
>square edges that capture the sharp transitions of ones >and zeros ?  Analog 
>signals being slippery; the sine waves just pass on through.
> It's like the old feedlines we used to make out of barbed wire with the barbs 
> pointed towards the antenna.  The signals would just slip >out to the antenna 
> but them vswrs would get caught coming back in the other direction.
>Great transmit antenna, but I never heard much on one of 'em.  We did some 
>experimenting with RF glue back in the day too.

I, too, have received misleading advice many years ago from the local RS 
counter guy, who wanted me to buy a special antenna when color TV came out.  
But I fooled him!  I painted my antenna in primary colors, red, green and blue, 
which really improved color reception.  I noticed when watching Fourth of July 
fireworks displays that painting my antenna in red, clear varnish and blue 
helped a lot, but that when I painted it in red, white and blue that it 
improved the black and white reception as well.  (This was a few years ago.)

Bow tie antennae have even more uses than reported in this thread.  When I 
watched more formal programming, such as Masterpiece Theater, reception was 
better than with rabbit ears.  I attribute this to the antenna matching the 
neckwear of the host of the show.
Reference the comments about the consequences from taking advice from outside 
consultants:  I have also learned (on my own, not from the RS guy) that NTSC is 
an abbreviation for more than   Never Twice the Same Color.  It also means    
Never Trust Smiling Consultants.
Gene May
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