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[Amps] How do I choose feed through cap values?

Subject: [Amps] How do I choose feed through cap values?
From: Chris Wilson <>
Reply-to: Chris Wilson <>
Date: Wed, 18 Dec 2013 13:23:14 +0000
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  18/12/2013 13:16

I have built an amplifier change over relay set housed in a die cast
box containing two small SPNO vac relays and a coaxial input change
over relay. These are controlled by a separate board in a separate
box. I assume I should feed the relays coils via feed through caps in
the die cast box side? How should I choose their value please?
Initially this is just for HF, but I may try and use the box at 2
meters as well, later on. Thanks

       Best Regards,
                   Chris Wilson.

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