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[Amps] Fake transistors

Subject: [Amps] Fake transistors
From: peter chadwick <>
Date: Tue, 31 Dec 2013 12:38:19 +0100
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It's not only from eBay and amateurs that get caught. Plessey Semiconductors 
stopped making the SL521 logarithmic amplifier in 1997 (having made it large 
quantities from 1963!) and a South African manufacturer needed some in about 
2000. They found some from a 'stockist' in Hong Kong and bought the whole stock 
of 500 at some outrageous price - I think it was something like $50 each. The 
'stockist' disappeared, the parts didn't work and were found to be out of spec 
rebranded 741 op amps - with a 1998 date code! Of course, the South Africans 
came back to Plessey, and were most upset when told that they had been well and 
truly duped...It's getting quite common with older devices that scams like this 
are happening.

73 es HNY

Peter G3RZP

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