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Make sure your transformer is up to it - big caps can mean higher peak
currents and more I^2xR in the windings.


## I thought the same thing. I used PSUD to see the results with various
values used.
In actual usage, there is no issue.....provided the xfmr is the low Z type,
which most are.   The ones that heat up a bit are always the high Z
types..... made for choke input supplies.

Yes, for any decent transformer it's not normally a problem - my comment was meant as a caution against taking it for granted. I've seen it where a transformer (not a choke input type) was marginal for the load so voltage was sagging and someone thought they would add lots more C to try and prop it up.

As you say, PSUD is your friend.


Not all transformers designed for SS and capacitor input are low resistance. Ive come across several 1-4 kVA units designed for FWB that have 2-4 times the winding resistance that many seem to take for granted as being fine for all sorts of wild amounts of C.


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