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[Amps] Whither all band sw bandpass filters

Subject: [Amps] Whither all band sw bandpass filters
Date: Wed, 25 Jun 2014 13:51:49 -0500
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K4VUD said:

"Array Solutions sells an aptly named AS-419 auto switching filter set for
the SIX bands and a separate AS-419W for four bands, WARC and 60m.  Nice
Guy Jay at Array politely refused my request to him to create a unit for
all TEN bands in one unit.  Having two boxes makes switching and wiring a

Allow me to correct some misconceptions here.

One misconception is that it would be economical to create a 9 or 10
filter commercial product for just one customer. One might think that
there'd be a huge market for such a consolidated product, but that is not
the case. Most purchasers of bandpass filters do so strictly for contests.
 Therefore, they do not want WARC filters included.  We offer the contest
bands in the AS-419, and the WARC bands in the AS-419W.

The second misconception is that having the two units in question creates
a "wiring nightmare".

Depending on the radio type you have, you may not even need a band decoder
to fully automate the selection of all 10 filters in the AS-419
(160,80,40,20,15 & 10m) and AS-419W (60,30,17,12m) combo.

If you have a Yaesu transceiver or an Elecraft K3, this combination can be
controlled directly from the Yaesu format band data from the radio.  This
can be routed to both units via an inexpensive DB-9 Y connector and one
DIN to DB9 cable (or DB15HD to DB9 for the K3) .  Hardly a nightmare.

The units will enable the correct filter or go into bypass mode
automatically with this method or using a band decoder.  With the Array
Solutions Bandmaster 4 band decoder, the connections from decoder to both
bandpass filter units are handled using provided RJ-14 terminated
"telephone" type cords.  Again, no wiring nightmare.

Details can be found here:


Bob W5OV
Array Solutions

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