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[Amps] Array solution to all band sw bandpass filters

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Subject: [Amps] Array solution to all band sw bandpass filters
From: Charles Henry <>
Date: Thu, 26 Jun 2014 04:27:20 +0000
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Thank you Bob,I find that, dealing with Americans, if one uses extreme 
adjectives, like "nightmare", it shakes the bushes and out comes a great 
solution fast.  Opposite in HS land.Looks like I need about $1300usd to get 
this job done, postage and customs included.    I could insert a single band 
ICE to take care of 17 and 40, latter with ICE419 on the 40m rig.  Oh well, it 
is lonely to be the ONLY customer but I will bear up.Hv FT9000d and K3 and one 
of those other brands.  
Again thanks Bob for your prompt and complete reply.73, Charly

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> Subject: [Amps] Whither all band sw bandpass filters
> K4VUD said:
> "Array Solutions sells an aptly named AS-419 auto switching filter set for
> the SIX bands and a separate AS-419W for four bands, WARC and 60m.  Nice
> Guy Jay at Array politely refused my request to him to create a unit for
> all TEN bands in one unit.  Having two boxes makes switching and wiring a
> nightmare."
> Allow me to correct some misconceptions here.
> One misconception is that it would be economical to create a 9 or 10
> filter commercial product for just one customer. One might think that
> there'd be a huge market for such a consolidated product, but that is not
> the case. Most purchasers of bandpass filters do so strictly for contests.
>  Therefore, they do not want WARC filters included.  We offer the contest
> bands in the AS-419, and the WARC bands in the AS-419W.
> The second misconception is that having the two units in question creates
> a "wiring nightmare".
> Depending on the radio type you have, you may not even need a band decoder
> to fully automate the selection of all 10 filters in the AS-419
> (160,80,40,20,15 & 10m) and AS-419W (60,30,17,12m) combo.
> If you have a Yaesu transceiver or an Elecraft K3, this combination can be
> controlled directly from the Yaesu format band data from the radio.  This
> can be routed to both units via an inexpensive DB-9 Y connector and one
> DIN to DB9 cable (or DB15HD to DB9 for the K3) .  Hardly a nightmare.
> The units will enable the correct filter or go into bypass mode
> automatically with this method or using a band decoder.  With the Array
> Solutions Bandmaster 4 band decoder, the connections from decoder to both
> bandpass filter units are handled using provided RJ-14 terminated
> "telephone" type cords.  Again, no wiring nightmare.
> Details can be found here:
> 73,
> Bob W5OV
> Array Solutions
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