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Re: [Amps] 10A10 high voltage diodes

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Subject: Re: [Amps] 10A10 high voltage diodes
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Date: Thu, 16 Oct 2014 17:13:24 -0400
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CARL > Translation: You really do mean to be disrespectful.

No. Translation: I was suggesting as politely as possible that you were.

** There is no such thing as being politely arrogant and demeaning, that remark shows an overblown ego about your self worth.

I dont NEED to know anything

 Agreed, which was my point.

** You dont have a point as the OP politely answered my question. Fini

but if I can offer qualified advice having the details seems to be sorta required....

 Danny's question was: Has anyone had bad experiences with 10A10's?

Your answer was: WHY DO YOU NEED TO KNOW? Which is in my opinion, disrespectful.

** Your opinion means nothing since there was no intent of disrespect on my part to Danny. If you are so sensitive and became emotionally outraged at my choice of words....TOO BAD and tough luck. I wasnt an English major, a fan of Readers Digest "How to Improve Your Word Power", or took sensitivity training.

Do you even have a ham call?

Yes. My call sign is WA3JPY. Thank you for pointing out the omission. Sorry.

** No omission IMO, some like to hide behind anonymity

What have you ever offered to the forum?

Do I have to quality myself to you before I reply to a posting from someone else?

** If you mean qualify yourself the answer is no. OTOH I didnt recognize that From: "mgb" and like to know a bit more when trouble appears to be brewing. On another forum you use a different ID and we have discussed old muscle cars. I still owe you a photo of my 68 Impala.

What have you used 1A10's for? For all we know it was in a ten tube CB amp.

Once again you prove my point.

** Proved nothing since you didnt answer the question. Im always curious about anothers ability as I still enjoy learning new things. Ive even learned from a couple of CBers over the years....I take knowledge from any source.

My 3 adult sons claim Im a very complex person but still love me (-;

Carl, I value your extensive knowledge. I value your experience. I do not value the way you constantly minimize or attack every single person that questions ANYTHING that you say.

** I only reply that way to those who start it by deliberately asking for trouble. In your case you started the attack by butting into something that is of no concern to you for instance and tossing the grenade into the room before entering. Others are Internet experts only with no other credentials and dont know when to back off.

Antennas and amplifiers seem to create the most tension since way too few take the time to do the research to really understand them enough to hold an intelligent discussion. It took me several decades and Im still learning.

If you put 10 engineers in a room and ask them to solve a problem you will likely get 12 answers and 4 different ones will be correct. Remember the old axiom "There is more than one way to skin a cat" ?

ANYTHING is a huge stretch and exaggeration, dont confuse me with a certain W8 who is a self appointed expert on everything and we have been tangling since about 1996. He is far from perfect.

There are regular occurances where Ive been in error and admit it when PROVEN wrong. I do love a good argument which the more sensitive may take as an attack. Cant help it as the Brooklyn upbringing and USN experience gave me a thick skin until an actual cheap shot attack from outside the ring occurs.

Lets end this now before it gets worse and I dont think we want George III to get involved.


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