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Re: [Amps] 10A10 high voltage diodes

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Subject: Re: [Amps] 10A10 high voltage diodes
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Ive really mellowed since retiring in 2002! You should have known me in my prime but maybe that is likely why I had a lot of instructor duties in the USN Reserves and at civilian jobs. Trying to teach a room full of know it all new hire engineers right out of school how to use the test equipment ALMOST had me screaming a few times.

The students mostly gave me good grades once they screwed their heads on correctly(-;

The ones that didnt seldom were kept around long in any group. Especially the clowns that blew HP power meter heads. Others couldnt work under a microscope with a soldering iron or wire bonder. Maybe they all became no code hams that couldnt trouble shoot a simple circuit but had an Extra. Or went to work at RatShak.

Dont get me wound up....


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Yankees............ I love 'em !!

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