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The market is for VHF and higher as there is little use at HF except for us poor hams.

Look for devices built for the HF or low VHF ISM market that must meet stringent IMD specs. These have replaced the 3CPX1500A7, 3CX3000A7, YC-256, etc.

Look to Europe also, my two years ago was a Seimens machine.


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Subject: [Amps] solid state amps

Glad to see all the really interesting thread comments from a number of
known amp builders.

Since some of the builders have extensive uWave experience and know a fair
amount about available devices etc, I think it will be sooner than later to
see 2-pallet 2 device 2KW out amps.

I've been using a W6PQL 2 pallet (BLF188XRs) 50MHz amp since just before the
June contest with excellent results.

Jim uses a number of very quiet fans to cool the various components, and
this scheme seems to work very well, even with JT65.

Looking forward to a 2 device HF amp one of these days, maybe this year?

Final thought: as I age (74), I'm thinking it would more difficult to off
myself with 50VDC compared to my homebrew tube amps J.


Dick, K5AND

Austin, TX

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