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[Amps] HV diodes, now new PA's

Subject: [Amps] HV diodes, now new PA's
From: John Lyles <>
Date: Fri, 17 Oct 2014 23:02:08 -0600
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Now that Ten Tec is part of RF Concepts, I'd guess that the design of a new PA would come from them in Colorado, and TT might build it, or not. Hard to guess what is their long term plan. TT made quite a few of the various Titan models, probably most successful was the grounded grid unit with 3C800A7s (Titan I?). The big tetrode amps kept getting disadvantaged with tube obsolescence and high cost. 416 Titan II with Russian 4CX1600B then the 417 Titan III with dual 4CX800As.Their controls and bias power supplies were clever, but weren't sufficiently protected to survive a tube fault (discharge plate to grids). This is what its all about with tube amplifiers! The Svetlana tube could pull a bad boy stunt and - pow! I am rebuilding a 416 to use standard Eimac tubes, 4CX1000A and 1500B, since I have a supply of them. I should cut open the hot-short 1600B to see what ate its lunch. When the late George Badger, W6TC, left Svetlana, they pretty much lost in the amateur and pro tube market here.

Palstar and QRO Technologies have 1500W amps also in the US. I dont know if
Ten Tec will field a big amp again.
The Chinese have some serious amps but no US certification yet that Im aware
of. Once they get going watch out! They are already taking over the tube

Do you mean FCC type cert?

I know that China is making some MRI amps for american Mfrs. that are solid state high power, many kW.

One thing they haven't done is to get into super high power triodes and tetrodes like CPI, Thales, Photonis (RCA), Seimens, Brown Boveri, E2V, Philips/Amperex have. Maybe the market is too small to justify the engineering and application support costs in these limited specialties.

It is a natural progression for China and maybe S Korea to build some very large solid state amplifiers for amateur now. They don't make the prime power devices yet but its only a matter of time for that too.

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