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Re: [Amps] Solid State Amps (or rather the NCL-2000...)

Subject: Re: [Amps] Solid State Amps (or rather the NCL-2000...)
From: "Gary Smith" <>
Date: Sun, 19 Oct 2014 14:27:12 -0400
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I use the Bose QC-15 noise cancelling headset for the same reason. 
Now-a-days there must be other excellent less expensive active 
circuit noise cancelling headphones that work as well. There are 
custom fit microphone inserts that work well with them, I have one 
but can't recall who made it, I found it with an internet search a 
few years ago. 

FWIW, Last month I needed to return my headsets for warranty (3 
year). One call and though I needed to send mine in, they sent me a 
new (not refurbished) set with two headset connectors & Airline 
stereo adapter plug. 

There is a variable wirewound resistor in the circuit of my amplifier 
fan. What I'd really like to do is; lower the fan's speed to minimum, 
insert a thermal probe into the airstream from my amp's exhaust, have 
it trigger a relay when the exhaust temperature rises to 100 degrees 
& then raise the fan speed to maximum as it is currently set to. That 
would save the fan from early failure, keep it quiet most of the time 
and properly cool the tubes when it needs to.

I need to find a small unit that will fit into the amp to do this 
cleanly, haven't researched finding those components yet.



> When the time comes and the 8122 tubes fail, if that happens before I have my 
> final super top solid state amplifier up and running, then I will consider 
> what 
> to do. Maybe they never fail, because I use that amplifier only rarely. I'm 
> somewhat allergic to noise, and the blower noise is highly irritating to me. 
> Not 
> when I just switch on the amplifier, but after half an hour or so of constant 
> blower noise, I start going up the walls, and shut off the amplifier. That 
> way 
> the tubes last long! ;-)
> Several years ago I installed an acoustic labyrinth at the air inlet, and 
> replaced the oil by the thickest grade that would allow it to run. The noise 
> got 
> slightly lower, but not much.
> I often think that when the tubes fail, that would be the cue to get rid of 
> the 
> noisy beast!
> Manfred
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