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[Amps] Comments solicited on AL-82 amp

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Subject: [Amps] Comments solicited on AL-82 amp
From: "Ray Day" <>
Date: Fri, 24 Oct 2014 08:06:39 -0700
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Hi all,


Ray N6HE here... I'm in the market for an amp to replace my deteriorating
SB-220. I love the (2) 3-500 in grounded-grid configuration characteristics
and am looking for a full legal limit not-too-expensive tube (not solid
state) amp. I'm aware of MFJ/Ameritron's spotty history with workmanship
quality and will check out anything from them carefully. I'd rather buy new
as opposed to used. $3,000 or less is my budget. Have a special 220VAC line
already run for the SB-220. I've reviewed the eHam Reviews (not much "meat"
in them) for it but respect the knowledge of this group much more.


I'd appreciate any comments from members the group with their experience
(including if there are any odd things to especially be on the lookout for
when using it) with the AL-82 - and of course any other amp recommendations
within the parameters above.


Thanks in advance, 73,

Ray N6HE  



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