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[Amps] Time delay problem with an ALPHA 76 CAE (3tubes).

Subject: [Amps] Time delay problem with an ALPHA 76 CAE (3tubes).
From: "J.H Mauduit-Larive" <>
Date: Sat, 13 Dec 2014 09:15:52 +0400
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I have an Alpha 76CA #SN 6704 (October 1983). The amp has been stocked for about 10 years! When I press the ON button , the panel meters illuminate amber but do not change to pale green after 60/90s as indicated. Blower starts, HV is normal : 1.5 KV but the meters do not change to green indicating "ready to transmit". This looks like a "time delay" problem. Do you have any suggestion to fix this trouble. Living on Reunion island (Indian ocean) it's very complicated to ship back the radio for repairing... Thanks in advance for your help. Herik, FR5DX.

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