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Subject: Re: [Amps] THE SKINNY ON MY AL-82
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Subject: [Amps] THE SKINNY ON MY AL-82

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Subject: Re: [Amps] THE SKINNY ON MY AL-82

Is he (YOU) SURE it was parasitics?   More likely hot switching of the
amplifier T/R relay. This causes LOTS of problems that folks THINK are

After I install my QSK system into amplifiers, the arcing completely STOPS
because the relays are no longer hot switched.

ALC overshoot spikes also cause arcing in amplifier capacitors.  Mostly
Kenwood has ALC overshot including the TS-590S.

Although, the Icom IC7410 has ALC overshoot problems on SSB. Which is
repaired by Icom for free. Although only the units made before mid 2014 are

Jim W7RY

## The AL-82 is known as the...firecracker ! It’s a parasitic prone amp, right out of the box. The Rich measures suppressor will solve the parasitic issues 100%.... except his suppressors run hot on 10m. Hotswitching wasn’t the issue... but will make it worse..ditto with overshoot. A conventional suppressor will work, but the trick is finding non inductive resistors these days. To tame the parasitics with a conventional suppressor, it requires slightly more L.... which will cause the resistor to run warm / hot on 10m. A 10/15 watt globar is the real good.
Then used wide silver plated strap for the suppressor coil.

## KM1H used a method, with caps in series with new style mof resistors... to cancel out the xl of the mof resistors. 2-5 x 3 watt mof resistors in parallel will provide enough heat handling capability on 10m, but will require 2-5 x series caps. If you can find some old style Carbon comp resistors, 2-5 of em in parallel will work. A single 10-15 watt globar is the no brainer solution. Or leave the rich M suppressor in there,
and don’t operate it on 10m.

## KM1H has had a lot of experience with that amp. Hopefully he will chime in.

Jim  VE7RF

That is the same suppressor Ameritron copied but used a 100 Ohm 3W resistor and 91pf vs 100pf caps.

I use a 5W 50 Ohm MOX or a pair of 100 Ohm in parallel; only 2 caps needed. Use the standard 3 1/2T of #16 wound over a 2W carbon resistor or similar. Place next to the 5W resistor and not wound around it.

You get better suppression with the lower resistance since it further lowers the Q and broadens the frequency response.

To replace 2W carbons use the 50 Ohm Ohmite OY ceramic resistor, reuse the original coil external to the resistor.

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