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[Amps] GS-35b fully-submersed oil cooling

Subject: [Amps] GS-35b fully-submersed oil cooling
From: Steve Wright <>
Date: Sun, 15 Mar 2015 12:17:21 +1300
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Greetings gurus!

Any comments on the proposition of completely submersing a GS-35b (with stock cooler attached) in a cooling bath of dry transformer oil?


Basically, I have no interest in a nasty howling centrifugal blower in my shack. A quiet hum from a rubber-mounted liquid pump will be annoying enough.

Can the GS-35b operate at such a low temperature of 45-65 degrees C?

What effect will the oil submersion have on its' RF operating?

What will be the effect of close-housing the tubeset in a sealed alloy box?

RF discussion please. Mechanical and/or other problems will be addressed later AFTER it is established that it is a viable proposition RF-wise.

All constructive criticism welcome.

Steve ZL1BHD

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