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[Amps] Do 8875's die fast after weakening?

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Subject: [Amps] Do 8875's die fast after weakening?
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Date: Mon, 16 Mar 2015 11:12:27 -0400
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I like the Dentron MLA-2500 and am seeing lots of them
for sale at Hamfests and online.

I understand that the "B" model had a tap for higher
voltage for higher SSB power, but otherwise was the
same as the plain 2500, though there have been some
reports of occasional models with a tuned input.

Some claim 100% output tubes, others 50-75% output,
and some are without tubes.

Prices range from $300. with no tubes to $800. with
100% tubes and fresh caps and bleeders.

I'm not up to doing conversions, looked at that and
decided not to go there.

I'm OK with soft tubes - a reliable 600w output meets
the need - but there's the question.

Do 8875's die fairly quickly once they start to fade?

e.g. If they are only showing 75% in an amp where
another pair show 100% how long might they last in
moderate SSB use?

I know that there are other amp alternatives but
right now I'm studying the MLA-2500.

Thanks - David KD4E


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