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[Amps] New Amplifier Problem

Subject: [Amps] New Amplifier Problem
From: "George Allen" <>
Date: Sat, 28 Mar 2015 21:41:09 +0100
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   I  just bought a new to me amplifier (Alpha 89) that I have run into a
   problem. I was tuning up on 75m (Into a Dummy Load) and all
   of a sudden I could smell something burning, and at the same time I lost all
   output power. I was still getting a grid current reading
   of roughly 35ma, not sure of the plate current as the meter was on the tune

   I immediately shut the amplifier off and turned off the mains. I pulled the
   cover off and did a good visual inspection for anything
   that looks like it has been burnt or destroyed. I could find nothing that
   looks suspect.

   I put the cover back on and turned on the mains. I turned the amp back on
   and it went through it's 3 minute wait cycle ok with
   no issues. I put the amp into the opr posn and gave it a bit of RF and all
   apears to be working fine, however something went
   wrong previously as I couldsmell something burning.

   I am sure someone must have experienced this before and could point me in
   the right direction of where I should be looking.

   Thanks in advance.

   73, George
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