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Re: [Amps] Alpha 76A 3cpx800 Conversion Tuning?

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Subject: Re: [Amps] Alpha 76A 3cpx800 Conversion Tuning?
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Date: Sun, 5 Apr 2015 20:49:01 -0400
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Ive done several of those conversions using the Ameritron choke which is sold to/by RFP as their RFC-3, its $5 less in the MFJ catalog.

I use a piece of hard Teflon wedged in as a spacer from the blower which may or may not be needed if using 3CPX800 tubes and more HV; I wasnt going to take a chance.

As far as 10-15M tuning I do the armstrong method (only needed less than half the time) and open up the coil spacing a bit in the front. It doesnt take much spreading to reduce the L a bit and allow the Tune cap to go thru a complete peak. Looks neater than moving taps IMO.

I use a 76PA ( got it as a basket case as payment for fixing a Titan) at the second station and havent had a reason to do the conversion yet. The three 8874's from an upgraded to SS UHF government site will easily do 1800W with 100W drive and since I run low drive and 1200W out they should last beyond my expiration date (-;


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Subject: Re: [Amps] Alpha 76A 3cpx800 Conversion Tuning?

Hi Rich,

I am in a similar quandary.

I upgraded my 76CA to two 3CPX800’s along with the Peter Dahl transformer also. I didn’t change the existing RFC though. It tunes up beautifully on all bands (except 12) (more on that later) More power out on all bands. While I was at it I put in new power supply caps and equalizing resistors. I know the 76’s don’t like 12 meters with their existing RFC and I purchased the RFC-3 to install later. I read that this choke would work fine and provide 12m. However, later on the Eham amplifier forum I asked for info about using the RFC-3 and read that the RFC-3 is 1” in diameter and would be too close for comfort and would cause tuning issues. It was suggested to find one that is 3/4” in diameter or install the RFC-3 but mount it farther away from the tank circuit components than the original Alpha RFC .Also an Ameritron RFC is supposed to be another alternate. That is where I am now, I need to find out more on this. Hopefully we can hear from
someone that has done this mod successfully.

(I would suggest posting this issue on the eham amplifier forum. The amplifier gurus like Carl, KM1H and Lou W1QJ have been repairing
amps for years and usually jump in to help.)

Anyway, thats my two cents.  Please keep me posted on what  you discover.


On Apr 5, 2015, at 12:36 PM, Rich Hallman - N7TR <> wrote:

After converting an Alpha 76a to 3CPX800's with a new Peter Dahl upgraded Transformer and installing the new upgraded RFC-3 Plate Choke I am seeing a problem with tuning on 15 and 10 meters. All bands except 15 and 10 seem to tune ok. On 15 and 10 meters....The tuning indicator is at 0 and it's the best tuning I can get. For those who have completed a conversion in the past, can you let me know if you have seen this issue before and if so, what was done to fix the problem? I've seen some info on the net from removing stators from the tuning cap to moving the taps on the tank coil.

Thanks for any help you can give!


Rich N7TR
ex KI3V, N3AMK, WB3JOV<>
Telnet: N7TR DXCluster

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