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Re: [Amps] SPE 1.3K-FA vs ALS-1300

Subject: Re: [Amps] SPE 1.3K-FA vs ALS-1300
From: Kevin Stover <>
Date: Tue, 17 Nov 2015 19:26:19 -0600
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It uses 8 tried and true MRF150 MOSFETS in a push/pull parallel design.
It's really just a pair of ALS-600's combined in one box.
The new version the ALS-1306 covers 160-6m is rated at 1200W peak on SSB. It does auto-band switching with the appropriate cable and radio. The sweet spot is probably around 1KW for CW and SSB and lower for continuous duty modes.
It's 1/2 the price of the SPE 1.3K

On 11/16/2015 10:31 AM, DGB wrote:
interesting input from the experts, thanks.

How about the puny ALS-1300 - any merits to it.

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