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[Amps] Capacitor and Alpha 374 question

Subject: [Amps] Capacitor and Alpha 374 question
From: Ted <>
Date: Fri, 19 Aug 2016 13:05:20 -0400
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I have a three tube Alpha 374, it has an oil-filled capacitor rated at 40pf/5KV. After running awhile in cw an AC hum occurs on my signal. I am thinking that after heating up this old oil-filled capacitor may be going bad and breaking down. It seems impossible to find another such oil-filled capacitor so I bought a capacitor replacement kit from "Tube Meister." The add says it is for Alpha/76/78/374. I do have two other Alpha 374A amplifiers and the replacement kits are great.

My question is since there are just two leads from the oil-filled capacitor can I just simply connect the 6 210pf/450 volt capacitors in series and run the leads to where the oil-filled capacitor connected? Am I missing some important step here? I'd rather not blow the 374 up! Perhaps even someone might suggest where one finds an oil-filled 40pf/5kv capacitor?

    Thanks for any help/suggestions.



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