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Re: [Amps] AL-82 VS Acom 1000

Subject: Re: [Amps] AL-82 VS Acom 1000
From: Kevin <>
Date: Sun, 21 Aug 2016 12:14:53 -0500
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So...DXE was able to do what so many amp makers and distributors couldn't do. That being *ALL* GU74B production by Svetlana goes to the military, and none to the commercial market. Tim Duffy ought to be Secretary of State.

The Chinese however are making and *selling* the GU-74B as well as their copies of the 4CX1000A, 4CX1500B, and 3CX1500/8877. Curious, OM power are making amps with Chinese tubes as are Ameritron and Alpha. Who says the GU74B's used by Acom aren't Chinese?

On 8/20/2016 7:36 PM, John Bodine wrote:
      OK, Just had to add that DX Engineering has BRAND NEW 4cx800s/GU-74B
in stock Manufactured by Svetlana. I bought a set and they rock my Alpha
91B better than any of the tired NOS crap that we were forced to deal with
for a few years.
      I will share what I have learned in correspondence with DXE:

       The GU74B / 4CX800A Ceramic Power Tetrodes DXE-GU74B are brand new
tubes. DX Engineering GU74Bs are individually tested and warranted for one
year from date of purchase.  DX Engineering plans on keeping them in stock
as a standard product offering. When we hit the minimum order quantity, we
will reorder. We don't anticipate running out of them any time in the
foreseeable future.

All I can say is Thank you DXE, you have done our hobby an incredible
service in ordering a production run of these tubes. There are so many fine
amplifiers in ham radio that use these tubes and now they are viable again
as opposed to the drain swirl they could have been doing with the blow ups
that come from the NOS junk.

73s de John WU2E
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