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[Amps] $CX1500B Eimac grid

Subject: [Amps] $CX1500B Eimac grid
From: HP <>
Date: Mon, 5 Jun 2017 15:42:45 -0400 (EDT)
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6 4cx1500B 

Amplifier operating conditions including the distortion data are 
the results of actual operation in a neutralized grid-driven 
amplifier. Plots of IM distortion versus power output under 
two-tone conditions, as a function of zero-signal plate current, 
are included to illustrate the effect of this parameter upon 
distortion. Because the 4CX15003 has very low grid interception, 
it is possible to drive the grid positive without any adverse 
effects upon the distortion level or upon the driver. Class Abz 
linear amplifier operation is therefore possible and recommended. 
It is also recommended that a low impedance driver be used and 
that the input of the 4cx15003 be swamped with a 1000 ohm resistor 
from grid to cathode so as to provide an almost constant load to 
the driver. 

CONTROL-GRID OPERATION - The control gird dissipation rating of 
the 4CX1500B is 1 Watt. The design features which make the 
4CX1500 such an extremely linear tube also contribute to very low 
grid interception. It will be found that the grid will be driven 
into the positive grid region in the typical operation of the 
tube. The grid current will usually be less than 1.0 milliampere. 

Then the 4CX1000 had this additional tid bit 

GRID OPERATION - The grid dissipation rating of the 4CXlOOOA is 
zero Watts. The design features which make the tube capable of 
maximum power operation without driving the grid into the positive 
region also make it necessary to avoid positive-grid operation. 

Although the average grid-current rating is zero, peak grid 
currents of less than five-milliamperes as read on a 
five-milliampere meter may' be permitted to flow for peak-signal 
monitoring purposes. 

Hank K7HP 

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