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Re: [Amps] Solid State Amps-v- Tube Amps

Subject: Re: [Amps] Solid State Amps-v- Tube Amps
From: Herbert Schoenbohm <>
Date: Sun, 18 Jun 2017 22:13:54 -0400
List-post: <>
One thing to consider is that most solid state amps have very sensitive VSWR protection circuits and will not produce the full output unless there is no reflected power power. I have found it necessary to ad an LDG AT-1000 Pro Auto Tuner so I do not have to keep resetting the VSWR overload circuit. In short Solid State Amps are very convenient and with switching supplies are relatively small. However none I have used so far will do their rated power under normal circumstances.

Herb, KV4FZ

On 6/18/2017 8:59 PM, Bill Ashby wrote:
I currently have an Ameritron AL-80A Amp which has 1 Tube, and I'm
Considering a Solid State Amp.
I'd like to get some Consparion Information to see if it would make a
Difference in performance.
Any information would be Greatly Appreciated!
Thanks for your Help!

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