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Subject: Re: [Amps] About LP100A
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Date: Mon, 19 Jun 2017 21:10:56 -0400
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   Bryan WA7PRC Swadener wrote:

 /* snip */
No digital scope is needed. I have other 'scopes for lab work. The
LP500/LP700 has all the capability needed (and then some) for
a monitor 'scope. The list of features is long, and geared toward
ham use:

  Now that digital scopes are common, nothing else seem to exist.
It looks like the lessons of history will be lost on this next

  I recently ran into a handheld DVM that features up-datable firmware.
Didn't they get it right the first time, or are they offering more added
features for more than the cost of the hardware?

  An electronics company offers a very expensive (just under $2,000)
still camera that uses the android operating system.  Once turned on it
is ready to take the first picture in barely over one minute.
  My 2007 $750 Nikon (D90) will take it's first picture after a 0.1
second initialization period, and the shutter lag is less than 0.1
second plus it can be turned off 0.1 Second after taking a picture
without losing the image.
  Ron  KA4INM - Youvan's corollary:
                Every action results in unwanted side effects.
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