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Date: Mon, 10 Jul 2017 13:07:45 +0000
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I had a quick look and found some here:,%20Clamps,%20and%20Hangers%22%7C~%20~%7Ccategoryl3:%22603081%20Strut%20Channel%20Accessories%22%7C~%20~%7Ccategoryl4:%22600176%20Channel%20Nuts%22%7C~

It is a long link, sorry about that.  The search brought up both types in a few 


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Many thanks for the replies to my question. To summarise:

There are at least 8 manufacturers (or at least labels) for 'Unistrut' type 

All my local electrical suppliers can supply Spring Channel Nuts, as can Home 
Depot and Lowes. None of them carry the 13/16" size.

(13/16" in this case refers to the width of the channel - the more common size 
is 1-5/8". Channels are also available in several depths including 13/16". This 
can lead to confusion.)

There are hundreds of offers on Ebay, but none that I can find for the smaller 
size. But perhaps I have missed the crucial one.

I only need a few which limits genuine wholesalers.

McMaster-Carr do seem to carry the ones I need in small quantities. I will see 
whether they will deliver to Canada - their online order form does not seem to 
have the option of a Canadian address.

73 Roger
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