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Subject: Re: [Amps] Machlett 3-500z
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Date: Sun, 23 Jul 2017 20:08:08 +0100
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I see from their website that RF parts will supply 3-500s only to customers within the CONUS area. That leaves the rest of us having to look elsewhere, so it would be useful to hear of the experiences, good or bad, of those who have bought these Machlett tubes 'direct'.

Terry, G3VFO

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Warren, that price difference sounds about correct to me. RFParts tests and I believe, guarantees their tubes which are likely the same brand which they most likely purchase enough to receive a quantity discount.

Purchasing direct often saves money. Sometimes it can be substantial because you are assuming the risk while the US reseller has the cost of the time and paperwork invested in testing tubes they may, or may not be able to return. With some NOS tubes there is substantial risk from "infant mortality". You are often safer paying more for the new tubes than less for the older NOS versions where both are available. Direct Vs through a US retailer? You are playing the odds and taking on the risk yourself. Research the viability of the tubes before making your decision. Price differentials and risk can vary considerably.

73, Roger (K8RI)

On 7/20/2017 Thursday 10:46 PM, Warren Volz wrote:
Tonight while searching for 3-500z on eBay I discovered this listing:

I know all 'new' tubes are made in China and the rfparts version seems to get the best reviews. Any idea what the deal is with these Machlett 'factory direct' models? They are $90 less than rfparts. Are they the rejects from elsewhere or the manufacturer trying to undercut the market?

-Warren KD5YPH
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