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Re: [Amps] AL-80A - Pi/Pi-L Switch Wafer Failure due to arcing

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Subject: Re: [Amps] AL-80A - Pi/Pi-L Switch Wafer Failure due to arcing
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Date: Sat, 28 Jul 2018 09:40:13 -0400
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Ameritron will sell you a complete switch only, Electroswitch will not deal with an individual and the switch is the same as the old Centralab 2500 series.

Those switches were used in all sorts of commercial and industrial gear, finding a compatble switch or just the wafe at a hamfest, Ebay, one from a SB-1000 with a melted front wafer on 160, etc might be your only resort.

One other thought which I havent checked in ages is the Harbach 6 postiion replacement wafer for the SB-220 series. Im not at home and this phone has too poor a resolution!


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Subject: [Amps] AL-80A - Pi/Pi-L Switch Wafer Failure due to arcing

I have an Ameritron AL-80A, which unfortunately during the KH1/KH7Z expedition experienced bandswitch arcing when used on 17m in the 20m bandswitch position. (Oops!)

The arc melted the contact on the Pi/Pi-L switch wafer. The contact at the 40m position is just gone, and the wiper has a bit of a corner melted off.

I have experience in replacing switch contacts, so that’s no problem, but I’m a little worried about the condition of the wiper. How hard is it to obtain a replacement switch wafer?

Amp is still running. I soldered a bit of hook-up wire so that it is permanently in the Pi position — so I can’t run it on 160 or 80m. But I would like to fix it.

Any ideas?

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