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The LK-550 runs three 3-500's and cooling would likely limit power as it is a fan. Ive had them up to 2200W or so with 150W drive....nothing to brag about tho!

Ive built several LK-800's for 6M EME that do a solid 5 out without complaining and going to a good EBM fan.

On HF I dont know how well the bandswitch will hold up over time and the fixec C used needs beefing up.

Another thing I dont know is tube life at that power but money isnt important to some.

BTW what is a full output YC-156 going for these days? It came from Tom, WD8??? ages ago. Also have a filament xfmr and one of those UK sockets all set up for good air flow. I'll never get around to building another amp and dont need QRO here.


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Subject: [Amps] Big HV Supply

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<All the big Amp Supply transformers were Dahl, some had a tapped HV winding
<for the LK-550 and LK-800 and others were custom non advertised for the
<3CPX800A7 LK-800

<You would be surprised at how many went to 160M "big guns". There is little
<honor on that band any longer.


## How much power can u get out of a LK-550 or LK-800..with a big xfmr ?
I dont even know what tube  or how many many tubes were in those amps.

What are we talking abt here, like 3 x 3cpx800a7s putting out 3.5 kw or what ? I wouldnt get wound up abt a lousy 3 – 4db esp on 160m band. IMO, they should increase the limit on 160m. Thats one band where some extra.. oomph would work, esp with sky high noise levels. Noise level with typ ssb rx filter band widths typ results
in high noise levels... making life a bitch on 160m  ssb.

Jim   VE7RF

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