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[Amps] High temp magnet wire?

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Subject: [Amps] High temp magnet wire?
From: "Jim Thomson" <>
Date: Mon, 3 Dec 2018 07:37:12 -0800
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Date: Sun, 2 Dec 2018 11:20:35 -0500
From: "Tim Duffy" <>
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Subject: [Amps] High temp magnet wire?

<Looking for #20 high temperature magnet wire - sometimes referred to as
<Any ideas?

<Need high temp rating for a plate choke rebuild.

<Tim K3LR

##  I tested  22 gauge  plane jane magnet wire, with my current limited
lab supply, and  ran  5 Amps  CCS through it for  1 hr, stone cold. 
22  gauge was used on a buddys  3x6 amp, all bands.  

##  20 gauge will handle even more.   The RF current through the plate choke
is miniscule at best.  On the lower bands, like  160-80-40-30m, the plate choke
ends up being parallel  resonated with the tune cap, so the chokes Z  
Thats the extra tune C required, when using less than optimum choke uh.  The 
XL needs to be cancelled out with an equal amount of  XC...from the  tune cap. 

##  27 gauge runs at ambient room temp, with 1.5 A  CCS  flowing.   With 
1.6A, it gets warm,  1.7 its hot.  1.8  its stupid hot,  goes into thermal  

##  I tested  24 gauge, but cant find my  results from testing. Suffice to say, 
24 gauge  will
handle a lot more than  27 gauge.

Jim   VE7RF

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