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Re: [Amps] High temp magnet wire?

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Subject: Re: [Amps] High temp magnet wire?
From: "Jeff DePolo" <>
Date: Mon, 3 Dec 2018 12:20:08 -0500
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> Looking for #20 high temperature magnet wire - sometimes 
> referred to as Thermaleze.
> Need high temp rating for a plate choke rebuild.
> Tim K3LR

High-temp as in 200 deg C?  That's what most polyamide magnet wires like
Thermaleze are rated for.  Enamel-coated is rated lower, like anywhere from
120C to 200C depending on the type.  

I've bought magnet wire from this company:
They specialize in this kind of thing, including re-spooling bulk wire onto
smaller spools for end-user sales.  Here is the 200 degree polyamide 20AWG
version that I think you're looking for, made by Essex (watch the wrap):

                                --- Jeff WN3A

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