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[Amps] ACOM 1500 and transmit delay

Subject: [Amps] ACOM 1500 and transmit delay
Date: Mon, 03 Dec 2018 23:24:14 -0500
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I di not get any answers to my question previously.

I recently had to place my 2.5 year old ACOM 1500 into an envelope (large) and 
ship it off to 
be repaired due to the 1ATR4B error which was the indication that the Transmit 
relay had died.

My question....I was driving the amp with the ICOM 7610 which had its transmit 
delay set to 
10ms.  Could that had caused the trouble.   I am now running the 7610 with the 
delay set to 20ms.  Or does the transmit delay even matter for an amp with the 
t/r relay being 
a vacumn relay?  I would not like to pay the shipping charges again for the 
ACOM 1500 
which weighs about 58 pounds before adding the double layer box, lots of 
peanuts and an 
outer box.

Thanks and 73

 -- Bruce Goldstein, WA3AFS
   AEC, Albany County 
    ASEC, Eastern NY 
    SKYWARN Regional Coordinator, NWS, Albany, NY
     Net Manager, ENY ARES/RACES Section Net

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